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 ====== Dinamica EGO and Python Coupling ====== ====== Dinamica EGO and Python Coupling ======
-Python support is present in the "​Python"​ branch in the repositories (on top of the "​Tasks"​ branch). To compile the branch, it is necessary to have Python dependencies in dff_dependencies_windows. The version containing the dependencies can be downloaded at [[http://​csr.ufmg.br/​~romulo/​dff_dependencies_windows_python.7z]]. For execution, it is necessary to have the folder "​PyEnvironment"​ inside the Dinamica folder, the PyEnvironment can also be obtained in [[http://​csr.ufmg.br/​~romulo/​PyEnvironment.7z]]. 
 === Example: Calculate Python Expression === === Example: Calculate Python Expression ===