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 Congratulations! You have successfully installed [[what_is_new_5|Dinamica EGO 5]]! Congratulations! You have successfully installed [[what_is_new_5|Dinamica EGO 5]]!
 +(See the changelog specific for [[what_is_new_5_2_0|version 5.2.0]] and [[what_is_new_5_2_1|version 5.2.1]])
 +<note important>​Model execution might fail, if you are upgrading from a previous version of Dinamica EGO with the //​Enhancement Plugin// [allowing the use of R as part of a Dinamica EGO model] installed and there are R packages that were downloaded by Dinamica itself.
 +If that happens, open the **Options** dialog (**Tools** -> **Options**),​ then choose **Integration** | **R**, and click on "​**Purge User Installed Packages...**"​ to remove all installed packages. The removed packages will be reinstalled again next time the model is executed.
 ===== What is New =====  ===== What is New =====