Add Table Column


This functor creates a new column in the given table. The position where the new column is inserted determines whether the new column is a key or data column.


Name Type Description
Table Table Type Table where the new column will be created.
Column Name Name Type The new column name.
Column Type Table Cell Type The new column cell type.

Optional Inputs

Name Type Description Default Value
Column Index Non Negative Integer Value Type Index representing the position where the column will be inserted. If the index is zero or greater than the last column index, the column is placed as the last table column. 0
Column Should Be Key Boolean Value Type This flag is meaningful only when the column is created after the last key column and before the first data column. If true, the new column represents a key column, otherwise, it represents a data one. True


Name Type Description
Result Table Type The resulting table containing the new column.



This functor adds an empty column of the given type at the given position.


Given the table below

Key1* Key2* Value1 Value2
1 2 2.2 3.1
1 3 2.1 3.1
1 6 1.2 4.2
2 2 3.2 6.1

adding a column named “New_Column” of type “Real” at position 2 results in

Key1* New_Column* Key2* Value1 Value2
1 0.0 2 2.2 3.1
1 0.0 3 2.1 3.1
1 0.0 6 1.2 4.2
2 0.0 2 3.2 6.1

Internal Name