Calc Destination Map


This functor calculates destination cells taking into account some measure of attraction, as depicted on an attractiveness map. Non-null value cells represent selected destination cells.

This functor is outdated and its use should be avoid. Prefer the use of Select Random Points, Select Random Point Cluster, Patcher or Expander


Name Type Description
Attraction Map Type Attractiveness map. Values equal to or less than zero will be ignored.
Horizontal Quadrants Positive Integer Value Type Number of horizontal segments into which the attractiveness map is divided.
Vertical Quadrants Positive Integer Value Type Number of vertical segments into which the attractiveness map is divided.

Optional Inputs

Name Type Description Default Value
Minimum Distance Between Destinations Non Negative Integer Value Type Minimum distance buffer between adjacent destinations, in meters, is used as a constraint to impede the selection of additional destinations within this buffer. 0
Maximum Attempts Per Destinations Positive Integer Value Type Maximum number of draws realized in order to pinpoint a valid destination. 15
Destinations Per Quadrant Non Negative Integer Value Type Maximum number of destinations chosen in each map quadrant. 1
Cell Type Cell Type Type Data cell type of the output map. Unsigned 8 Bit Integer
Null Value Integer Value Type Null value of the output map. 0
Destination Is Sparse Boolean Value Type If true, map of destination is represented as a sparse image. Sparse images have the advantage of storing only the cells containing non-null values, but they have worse access time. True


Name Type Description
Destination Map Type Map depicting destination cells. Destination cells are depicted using their attractiveness value. Map has the same dimensions of the attractiveness map.



The number of destination cells is specified by the number of destinations per quadrant but not all potential destinations may be selected because some map regions do not show attractiveness greater than zero and some potential destinations are located within the minimum distance buffer.

An attractiveness value represents a probability of a cell to be selected based on some desired quality.

The attractiveness map must have integer values.

Example calculating destinations used by road construction simulation

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