Calc Distance Allocation Map


This functor identifies a region of influence for a source feature employed as one of the foci points from which distances are calculated. For each source feature, a region is allocated, assigning cells to their closest source feature.


Name Type Description
Source Categorical Map Type Source feature map. Non-null value cells represent features. If null cell value is not defined, an error will be reported.

Optional Inputs

Name Type Description Default Value
Use Lottery Boolean Value Type If there is more than one choice to reach the shortest source feature. Dinamica chooses randomly between both equal value options. False


Name Type Description
Allocation Categorical Map Type Map of shortest distance regions for each source feature. Each region is identified by its source feature cell category. Map has the same dimensions of the source feature map.



The distance calculated between each cell and the closest source feature is the Euclidean distance.

It is recommended that features be unit cells, because the 2D tree algorithm used in this operator is optimized for this situation.

Internal Name