Calc Fractal Dimensions


This submodel calculates the fractal dimensions per map category and r2 from regressing patch areas on their edges.


Name Type Description
Landscape Categorical Map Map of classes or categories output from an execution pipeline.


Name Type Description
Fractal Dimensions Table Table


Landscape Metrics


The fractal dimension is an index used to assess the complexity of the geometry of the landscape patches, which is evaluated using the area-perimeter relationship (LOVEJOY, 1982; MAMDELBROT, 1983). P ~ AD / 2 The total fractal dimension (D) of a landscape can be estimated by regressing the log (P) in the log (A) and evaluating D, as twice the slope of the regression line (LOVEJOY, 1982), where P is the perimeter and A the area of each patch. In a landscape, composed of simple geometric shapes such as rectangles and squares, the fractal dimension will be small, approaching 1.0. In a landscape with many patches with convoluted and complex shapes, the perimeter begins to fill in the plane and P ~ A with D → 2. (KRUMMEL et al. 1987). Therefore, substantial changes in the shape of landscape patches must reflect changes in the fractal dimension.

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