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Calc Histogram


This functor calculates a histogram from a map.


Name Type Description
Map Map Type Any map

Optional Inputs

Name Type Description Default Value
Interval Width Real Value Type The width of the histogram interval. 1.0
Cumulative Boolean Value Type If true, the calculated histogram is cumulative. False
Relative Boolean Value Type If true, the values in the histogram are normalized by the total number of occurrences. False


Name Type Description
Histogram Lookup Table The calculated histogram.


It also possible to calculate a histogram relative to the cumulative values. To do this, set both input flags (“Cumulative” and “Relative”).

When the “Interval Width” is different from one, the input values are remapped according to the expression below to speed up the calculation.

, where value2 is the resulting value, value is the value present in the input map and width is the “Interval Width”.

Because of the remapping, the lower limit of the resulting histogram can be lower than the minimum value in the input map. The upper limit of the histogram can be greater than the maximum value in the input map.


Internal Name