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Calc Interaction Potential Map


This functor generates an interaction potential map, which is a gravitational model between null cells and non-null cells whose values represent the gravitational masses. The denominator is a function of distance to the non-null cells raised to an exponent denoting a friction coefficient.


Name Type Description
Source Map Type Map whose non-null cells correspond to attraction features.

Optional Inputs

Name Type Description Default Value
Mask Map Type Map whose null cells mask the calculation of the interaction potential. None
Distance Decay Exponent Real Value Type Exponent used as a friction coefficient. 2.0
Cell Type Cell Type Type Data cell type. This type must be compatible with source map values, or an error will be reported during execution. Signed 32 Bit Integer
Null Value Integer Value Type Null Value. -2147483648


Name Type Description
Interaction Potential Map Type Area of each map category in cells.



The interaction potential is calculated using float and converted to “Signed 32 Bit Integer”. In case cell type is set to “IEEE 754 32 Bit Real”, no conversion is done.

The mask map does not mask the feature cells, only the calculation for the null-cells.

For each null cell, the interaction potential is the sum of the mass of each feature cell divided by the distance to it raised to an exponent of decay.

Internal Name