Calc Slope Map


This functor calculates a slope map based on a height map.


Name Type Description
Elevation Map Type A height map. The height is assumed to be in meters. It may have null values.

Optional Inputs

Name Type Description Default Value
Use Diagonals Are Longer Boolean Value Type Indicates if the distance between the cells at the diagonals must be increased by the factor of 1.414213562. True
Slope In percent Boolean Value Type If true, the slope will be calculated in percent; otherwise, it is calculated in degrees. False
Cell Type Cell Type Type The slope data cell type. Signed 32 Bit Integer
Null Value Null Value Type Null value of the slope map. Default
Slope Is Sparse Boolean Value Type If true, set the output map as sparse. False


Name Type Description
Slope Map Type The slope map. Map format has the same dimensions of the source map.



The functor calculates the slope of a cell using the height difference for each neighbor cell and its dimension. The largest slope is chosen as the output value.

Internal Name