Welcome to Dinamica EGO!

A Environment for Geoprocessing Objects with simplicity, flexibility and good performance, optimizing speed and computer resources.

In this section will you learn What Dinamica EGO is, What a functor is and What this guidebook is about.

What Dinamica EGO is?

Dinamica EGO is a modeling environment, with outstanding possibilities for the design from the very simple static spatial model to very complex dynamic ones, which can ultimately involve nested iterations, dynamic feedbacks, multi-region approach, manipulation and algebraic combination of data in several formats, such as maps, tables, matrices and constants, decision processes for bifurcating and joining execution pipelines, and a series of complex spatial algorithms for the analysis and simulation of space-time phenomena.

The aim of this guidebook is to introduce the user to the innumerous possibilities of Dinamica EGO for the design of models that can fully represent the complexity of various geographic phenomena.

In this new Guidebook: