List Filenames


Submodel List the filenames in the given folder (and maybe its sub-folders) that match the given file pattern. The resulting filenames include their corresponding file paths.


Name Type Description
Folder Folder Folder where the file are located.
File Pattern String Type Patterns of files that will be returned. The pattern can include all wildcards supported by the OS shell. Ex: *.*, *.csv, my_image[0-9].tif, etc.

Advanced Inputs Ports

Name Type Description
Search Sub Folders Recursively Boolean Value Type If true, also search for files in the sub-folders of the given folder recursively. Otherwise, the result only includes files from the given folder.


Name Type Description
Files Table Type The list of filename (and their corresponding paths) found in the given folder that match the given extension.



The functionality provide by this submodel is similar to the one provided by the “List Filenames in Folder” submodel, except that this implementation used Python internally. However, this version is simpler to use.

Internal Name