Launch Dinamica EGO GNU/Linux


Extract the downloaded file to a folder of your choice. The directory should contain:

Examples and


The file 'Examples and' can also be extracted to a folder of your choice.
This new folder will contain the sample Models, Data and Submodels distributed with Dinamica EGO.

File Manager

Right click on Dinamica.AppImage and choose Properties. There should be a Tab named 'Permissions' where you can find the option 'Allow executing file as program'.
Make sure this option is checked. This window can look a bit different depending on your distribution settings.

Double click on Dinamica.AppImage to launch Dinamica EGO.


Open your favorite terminal application and navigate to the folder corresponding to the extracted folder.
Suppose you extracted your files to /home/csr/DinamicaEGO:

cd /home/csr/DinamicaEGO
chmod +x Dinamica.AppImage

You can then execute the application by typing: