Welcome to Dinamica EGO 6

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Dinamica EGO 6!

What is New

Dinamica EGO 6 brings tons of quality of life improvements and bug fixes:

  • Integrated with the latest Python and R versions.
  • Better support for installing and updating R packages.
  • Code improvements and optimizations: now it compiles with the latest widely available C++ standard (C++ 17).
  • New building framework that ensures the software is deployed with the latest version of all dependency libraries.
  • Several improvements to the submodel manager and submodel handling.
  • Several quality of life updates for the graphical interface.
  • Use of latest GDAL library for reading and writing images.
  • And more.

For a full list of changes see here and here.


We are still updating the documentation, including the guidebook, to cover features available on the new version of Dinamica EGO. Meanwhile, check some short videos showing how to use some of the features of the new release.


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Discussion Group

Now, take some time to join our discussion group. The Dinamica EGO Discussion Group is a forum, powered by Google Groups, where you can ask questions about Dinamica EGO in English, Spanish or Portuguese. The group also helps you to remain informed about Dinamica EGO updates and news.


You can find valuable informations about how to explore the potential of Dinamica EGO by consulting the Dinamica EGO wiki.


If you are having problems running Dinamica EGO, please visit our troubleshooting FAQ. The FAQ is a comprehensive list of solutions and workarounds for several common issues.

Additional Plugins

It is also possible to download and install the Enhancement Plugin for Dinamica EGO. This plugin can be used to speed up the execution of some Dinamica EGO operators under certain circumstances and it also allows R scripts to be used as part of Dinamica EGO models.