What is New in Dinamica EGO 5.2.1

(ChangeLog compared to Dinamica EGO 5.2.0)

Dinamica NUI (Application Graphical User Interface)

  • Fixed bug caused by the wrapper of a functor owning a port having the wrong type.
  • Fixed potential bug caused by the wrapper of a functor created by dragging and dropping external being represented by the wrong abstraction.
  • Fix critical bug where the auto-update would query the server about updates every 20 seconds.
  • Completely disable auto updates when running portable versions of Dinamica.
  • Include patch number in the version info when querying the server about auto-updates.
  • Use of Apache Commons to retrieve the auto update server response and avoid problems caused by additional line breaks or non-terminated lines in the response.

Dinamica (Application Core and DLLs)

  • Fixed enum value being incorrectly exported to Java.
  • Exported SystemUtils::isPortableVersion e SystemUtils::isServerEditionVersion to Java.
  • Updated version to 5.2.1.
  • Taking off compiler flag for variables now used in other platforms on SystemUtils.

For general information about version 5 of Dinamica EGO, see Whats Is New In Version 5.