Calc Patch Label Map


This functor labels patches of cells using sequential numbers. A patch consists of a continuous group of neighboring cells of the same category.


Name Type Description
Source Map Type Map whose non-null cells correspond to an occurrence of a category.

Optional Inputs

Name Type Description Default Value
Initial Patch Label Integer Value Type Initial number used to label the first patch found on the map. 1
Only Orthogonals Are Allowed Boolean Value Type If true, only orthogonal cells will be considered first order neighbors. False
Window Lines Positive Integer Value Type Number of lines of the neighbor search window. 3
Window Columns Positive Integer Value Type Number of columns of the neighbor search window. 3
Cell Type Cell Type Type Data cell type. Signed 32 Bit Integer
Null Value Integer Value Type Null value. 3
Patch Labels Are Sparse Boolean Value Type If true, the map is loaded as a sparse image. Sparse images have the advantage of storing only the cells containing non-null values, but they have diminished access time. False


Name Type Description
Patch Labels Categorical Map Type Map showing each group of cells as a patch identified by a label. It has the same dimensions as the source map.



The use of windows bigger than 3×3 allows disjoint cells to be considered as neighbors.

Internal Name