Dinamica EGO GNU/Linux Compatibility

Dinamica EGO is compatible with Ubuntu 18.04, which ships with libc, libpthread and libdl version 2.27, libz version 1.2.11 and libfuse version 2.9.7. It is also only supported on X.org systems (Wayland still doesn't support Java SE properly). You can check your libraries versions using

ldconfig -v

In case you want to find out if it's possible to run Dinamica EGO on your favorite distribution, try to execute the following script:


if [ "$xdgStr" = "wayland" ]; then
  errorMsgConsole="Wayland is not supported by Dinamica EGO, please refer to http://csr.ufmg.br/dinamica/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=dinamica_linux_faq#wayland_not_supported for more information."

  echo "$errorMsgConsole"
  exit 1

libcVersion=`ldd --version | head -1 | awk '{print $NF}' | sed -e "s/\.//"`
if [ $(($libcVersion)) -ne $expectedVersion ]; then
  echo "Libc version is not compatible, expected version is $expectedVersion, system version is $libcVersion."
  exit 1

echo "Test OK"

Save this script as checkCompatibility.sh file and run it on console by doing:

chmod +x checkCompatibility.sh

If it shows “Test OK” at the end, your distribution may be supported, and you can download the latest version of Dinamica EGO and try for yourself. Keep in mind this still doesn't correspond as official support, since other factors (like updates) may interfere with the program execution.