Save Map


This functor saves a map into a file. The filename and its path must be specified.


Name Type Description
Map Map Type Map to be saved.
Filename Map Filename Type Name of the file where the map will be saved. Dinamica automatically determines the format from a selected file extension.

Optional Inputs

Name Type Description Default Value
Suffix Digits Non Negative Integer Value Type Number of digits used in the file name suffix to represent a model step. If the number of digits is not sufficient to represent the current step, the functor automatically adds more digits. If the number of digits is equal to zero, Dinamica does not include a suffix in the file name. 2
Step Non Negative Integer Value Type Model step that produced the file. None
Use Compression Boolean Value Type If true, the raster file is compressed. Only available for GeoTiff. True
Workdir Workdir Type Workdir folder path. None





For a list of file formats that Save Map can write, the supported projections and datums, check the supported map formats.

Also, check the limitations imposed by the current map reading and writing capabilities.

Internal Name