Brazil’s environmental balance:

The computer model we developed calculates the Forest Code (FC) requirements and hence the level of compliance for each one of more than 6.5 million rural properties registered on the SICAR–The Brazilian online environmental registry system. For each individual property, the system informs the area requirements for conserving native vegetation as Legal Reserve (a fraction of the property that goes from 80% in the Amazon to 20% in the other biomes) and on Areas of Permanent Preservation (APP), land strips along rivers, streams, waterbodies and springs as well as steep slopes and hilltops. As a result, the system also calculates the deficits (vegetation needed to be restored) or surpluses (vegetation above compliance) of each property. The system also informs on deforestation after 2008 (currently, only available for properties in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes).

Use the interactive map to consult the environmental balance of a specific property:


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