The Centre for Remote Sensing (CSR) published a policy brief on the socio-environmental impacts of the implementation of the EF-170 railway, Ferrogrão, in the Amazon region.

In the study, simulations of soy transportation in the country are made considering the current infrastructure and the implementation of Ferrogrão in two scenarios: with only two terminals (initial in Sinop/MT and final in Miritituba, Itaituba/PA) and with the addition of an intermediate terminal in Matupá/MT.

The results show that the municipalities to be economically benefited are also the most vulnerable from the socio-environmental point of view. Besides, it is evident how the railway changes the dynamics of transport flow in the region.

The document draws attention to the necessity of considering socio-environmental impacts when assessing the environmental feasibility of the project.

The text, as well as the supplementary material related to it, can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Amazon of the future: what to expect from the social and environmental impacts of Ferrogrão? – Policy Brief

Supplementary material