Releases and technical notes

Brazil has 20 million hectares of vegetation to be restored within rural properties, researchers estimate

On August 11, 2022, researchers from UFMG, supported by the Observatory of the Forest Code (OCF) and Imaflora, launched a publication that points out that Brazilian rural properties have around 20 million hectares of environmental […]

UFMG students point out ways for Minas Gerais to reduce emissions in the solid waste sector and obtain positive financial returns

In a policy brief, students from the Postgraduate Course in Analysis and Modeling of Environmental Systems at UFMG discuss how the state of Minas Gerais can act to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions through public […]

Brazil’s sugarcane embitters the EU‑Mercosur trade talks

Given its ability to grow large crops and produce ethanol that avoids between 69-89% of CO2e emissions in comparison with regular fossil fuels, Brazil could play a key role in the European Union’s transition to […]

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