Releases and technical notes

CSR receives visitors from SEMAS-PA

On Wednesdeay, July 15th, CSR-UFMG received the visit of the Director of Information Technology, Carla Lima Reis, and Cabinet Advisor, Andréa Coelho, from the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainability of Pará (SEMAS-PA). The visitors met […]

Agricultural transparency and traceability platform developed by UFMG, SeloVerde MG, is launched during Expocafé

In partnership with the Government of Minas, the State Secretariats for Environment and Sustainable Development (SEMAD-MG) and Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (SEAPA-MG), the State Institute of Forests – IEF, and support from the AL-INVEST Verde […]

CSR researchers participate in AWS event in Pará

The researchers Britaldo Soares-Filho and Danilo Figueira attended to the event TechFloresta: A tecnologia como aliada na redução do desmatamento, promoted by AWS in partnership with SEMAS-PA and CIT, in Belém, Pará, on May 4th, […]

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