2309, 2015

Using Tables to Store Filenames

Loading files from a list of filenames to process them in sequence is a common problem when building large models. In the following examples we will show different techniques that can be used to implement such functionally in a model using Dinamica EGO. Beware that we will just load maps and discard their contents to keep the examples simple. Turning these models into something useful will be left as a exercise to the reader.

First we have to decide how to store the list of filenames. All our examples store the list of filenames in a table mapping unique ids to filenames. Even if […]

1809, 2015

Image Expressions

One of great new features of Dinamica EGO 3 is the improved image expression editor. This editor is used by functors such as Calculate Map, Calculate Value etc and now it presents information about where each image, table or value used in the calculation is coming from.

On the top of the editor, it is displayed a list of all available identifiers (with their corresponding alias). Hovering the mouse over a identifier on that list shows the tooltip of the functor where the corresponding data is being produced. To ensure that the expression editor shows its identifiers in a meaningful way, define an alias for all functors […]

1709, 2015

Fresh Start

More than one year ago, we came to the conclusion that was about time for Dinamica EGO to get some much needed improvements, specially on the graphical interface. Internally, the software was a good software, but the graphical interface was not helping us explore its full potential. The proposed solution was a major redesign to better integrate the interface and the simulation kernel. In our opinion, that would give us better tools to express any user intentions helping them to turn their model concepts into reality.

Dinamica EGO 3 is a big step toward that goal. Instead of being our last […]