Dinamica EGOMore than one year ago, we came to the conclusion that was about time for Dinamica EGO to get some much needed improvements, specially on the graphical interface. Internally, the software was a good software, but the graphical interface was not helping us explore its full potential. The proposed solution was a major redesign to better integrate the interface and the simulation kernel. In our opinion, that would give us better tools to express any user intentions helping them to turn their model concepts into reality.

Dinamica EGO 3 is a big step toward that goal. Instead of being our last version, it is a fresh humble start. We believe we now have a better foundation to create the functionalities that we always wanted to create and we believe that there will be many new cool features coming.

However, it does not mean that everything is perfect. We have bugs to fix and documentation to write. We also don’t believe that the new version is easier to use than the previous one. Dinamica is a complex software and it is difficult to turn a complex software into something too simple. But we can guarantee that this new version is more pleasant and way more fun to be used than anything we had before!

The new Dinamica EGO also comes with a new user license that now allows the software to be used even for commercial purposes, which was forbidden by the previous license. We hope this will facilitate the use of the software among some users who were not willing to give it a try due to its very restrictive license.

We also have a new website, more modern, and designed to replace its aging predecessor. Not all information is available there yet, but I hope we will have everything back in place soon.

Knowing that it takes time to come up with up-to-date documentation, we have prepared some screencasts showing how to use some of the new features.

Having said that, we would like to invite you to download the new Dinamica EGO and play with it. Then, let us know what you think.